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Mounting Brackets
The actuators can be fixed easily with the mounting brackets.
Binding heads
Several types of binding heads are available.
Hall sensor
A hall sensor can be attached in the ANTUATOR to output pusles. With special controller to read and count the pulses output from the hall sensor, the stroke of the actuator can be positioned.
Profile diagram Output circuit Output waveform
Characteristics Code Name Testing Conditions Min Usual Max
Operating voltage(V) VDD TJ < TJ(Max.) 2.5 - 12
Operating current(MA) IDD VDD=2.5 to 12 V 1.5 <2.5 3.5
Over Current Protection
The actuator can be equipped with over current protection. When the actuator is fully retracted or extended or it is overloaded, the protection circuit will protect the actuator by limiting motor's current in order to protect the actuator from damage.
(tripping current)
(tripping current)
(tripping current)
DC12V 1.5A 5.0 - 5.5A 14A
DC24V 0.7-0.8A 2.5 - 3.0A 7A
1、The anode(+) and cathode(-) for input and output circuit are interchangeable, input voltage is DC12V or DC24V.
2、The response time is 0.1-0.5s.
1.The ambient temperature range must be +5°C to +40°C,and storage temperature is -40°C to +70°C.
2.Max duty cycle is 10% or 2 minutes in use followed by 18 minutes rest.
Limit Switch
The actuators can be equipped with the mechanical limit switch, whose function is to test whether the actuator moves to the limited position and cut off the power to stop the stroke at both ends .
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