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Brand Introduction

Antuator, Smaller for more

Brand Story

In 2006, linear actuators produced by Sito Motor were displayed at an overseas exhibition, which,however, was flooded

with similar products. Lack of property right protection, plagiarism of products innovation and the ignorance of customer

deeply hurt the hearts of Sito Motor.

Ideas determine. The founder of Sito Motor was lost in deep thought — How could we strive to get ahead?

While talking with the customers, the staff of Sito Motor found that lots of customers were usin linear actuator instead of gas spring so that the products could be automatized and intelligent. However, the linear actuators on the market were

L-shaped which were large in size and couldnot meet the design requirements of customers.

How to produce linear actuators as smart as gas spring? How to produce an advanced product that is unique to satisfy the needs of customers?
Perseverance works wonders. The staff of Sito Motor extracted inspirations and intelligence with great concentration. After years of dedication, ANTUATOR, pen-shaped linear actuators, have been promoted. With ingenious design and the remarkable quality, all the members of Sito Motor witness a huge breakthroughs.
Stay true to the original self. We are striving to make Antuator come to be synonymous with the in-line linear actuator.


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