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How to select the Linear Actuator?
Date:2016-12-22 Click:1669

Electric Linear actuator, is that, the executive part extend and retract in line with electric power, you should mention the following information when you choose an electric actuator:

1. To confirm the working environment of actuator; indoors or outdoors, if it is outdoors, it need a high protection grade, as IP66.

2. To confirm the work duty of actuator. Normally, the work duty of actuator is work 2min. rest 18min. That means the electric actuator is suitable for short-term work. If lengthen the working time, it may shorten the life time of actuator.

3. Next, you should confirm the key points, load and speed. The load is that the reserve force of which apply on the actuator. Normally, as the same actuator, the more load, the lower work speed.

4. The installation size is the key point when selecting the actuator, for most users, the word “installation size” is too professional to understand. The finger you need to know is how long it is when the actuator extended and retracted. Also, you need to confirm the stroke. (stroke is the length you need the actuator to move.)

There are many types of actuators, the tubular type and traditional type, they all have their own features. But to view the future of the end product development of actuator, the tubular linear actuator will be a better choice to save space with its perfect performance. Especially Antuator Series from Sito motor which become the leader of actuator industry.

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