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High-end Customization

With rich experience in boat, yacht automation, antuator can offer optimal solution to a specific project to meet customers’ needs with some customization work.

Extensive use

Antuator can be widely used for yacht automation applications because of its unique design and versatile performance, the main application will be :

  • Hatch, door open automatically
  • Powered tower tilt automatically
  • Antenna lift up and down
Professional Team

A professional team of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers who can use CAD, SOLIDWORKS, PRO/E to help offer optimal solutions to our customers.

The 5 advantages to use ANTUATOR in yacht automation

All 316 stainless steel out tubes
for salty water corrosion resistant

Very low power consumption

Thread connection to bear more axial force,
max load capacity 6000N

IP67 protection
for good water proof

Very slim design, compacted size
for visible installation

Main Applications

Yacht windshield open and close automatically at press a button

Still open your windshield by hand? Or never try to open your window to get fresh air and smell the sea breeze just because of the difficulty to open the window? From now on, just forget all these problem, Antuator will automate your window, windshield. Just press a button to open the window automatically and shake your body to enjoy the journey! The ANT-35 stainless steel actuators with IP67 protection, salt water corrosion resistance, low noise 52dB will be the main performance.

Customized front and rear mounting fixture

Want to open your pantograph more easily? Or you have the idea to open the door automatically but cannot find a very good solution with a slim linear actuator? Why not to try Antuator? A compact but very strong linear actuator in the world, which is the optimal part for powered pantograph door. For this application, ANT-38 with over current protection will be a good solution. Max diameter 35mm to fit the small space well, over current protection can do protection work when the door is blocked.

Powered wakeboard tower lift

Do not want to tilt your wakeboard tower by hand any more? Why not try to make it a powered tower? Try to check Antuator linear actuators which can be a good solution for a powered wakeboard tower. Slim and simple design, water proof, max load capacity 6000N are the perfect criteria.

Antenna lift up and down

Still worry about how to close your antenna when go through a bridge? Now Antuator can offer you a perfect solution to lift your antenna up and down automatically at press a button. It makes all things look so easy and convenient. Just enjoy your trip and fishing! Waterproof, compact size, reliable performance of ANTUATOR linear actuators are the main words in this kind of application.

Engine hatch lift

Tired to open your engine hatch manually? Never think about to open it at a press of button? Things can be solved here at ANTUATOR! Try the ANTUATOR actuators to open and close your engine hatch automatically and do your work easily. Ignition protection, reliable, high load capacity, long stroke length, synchronous working will be the needs for engine hatch lift application.
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